Sonderhoff showcases foamed filter adhesives at FILTECH 2018

Fermadur foamed adhesive sealant is used for gluing and sealing of pleated filters.

Sonderhoff will current its foam sealing and adhesive products for the filtration industry at FILTECH 2018.

The two-component systems for sealing, gluing and potting apps are used right to the filter elements using Sonderhoff mixing and dosing models.

The firm’s Fermadur polyurethane-primarily based adhesive sealants are utilized foamed for the gluing and sealing of filter media. The density of the adhesive is hence decreased and the substance intake is stated to be reduced by up to 50%, saving cost and excess weight.

At booth R9 in Hall 11.1, Sonderhoff will display a filter software reside using the Clever-M dispensing mobile. The technique will use the mixing head to meter a Fermadur adhesive sealant onto the insides of an MDF filter frame over its whole surface area so that the pleated filter put in the frame is sealed airtight on all sides. 

Sonderhoff supports manufacturers of filter units with a vary of two-element foam gaskets, adhesives and potting compounds for applications ranging from vacuum cleaners and automotive filters, to air filters for HVAC units. The PU units meet the high quality needs of VDI 6022 for use in filters in ventilation and air conditioning units (RLT) in hospitals and for chip production in cleanrooms. Filter frames are sealed with sealing foams or gels using the tongue and groove principle so that no unfiltered air can pass the filter and into the interior areas.

Minimal-emission foam gaskets

Sonderhoff’s polyurethane foam gaskets Fermapor K31 Minimal Emission are generally utilized in motor vehicle air conditioning units, where by the very low-emission polyurethane foam sealing units steer clear of polluting the driver’s taxi with VOC emissions. They meet, for illustration, Daimler’s specification DBL 5452-13, which specifies as goal values for VOC emissions of 100 μg and for fogging actions 250 μg for each gram of polyurethane.

Anti-bacterial properties for HVAC units

The anti-fungicidal and anti-bacterial properties of Sonderhoff’s filter adhesives and foam gaskets avoid microorganisms and mould from sticking to the seals of air conditioning filter frames or to the car’s contemporary air ingestion. This has been verified in tests performed by the Institute for Air Hygiene (ILH Berlin), which examined Sonderhoff items for their resistance to fungi and microbes in accordance with DIN EN ISO 846 (Willpower of the outcome of microorganisms on plastics). Additives in the substance formulation provide successful defense against infestation with dangerous microorganisms, which characterize a potential hazard of allergic reactions.

Clever-M compact dispensing mobile

The Clever-M dispensing mobile has a modular design, producing it adaptable to various production concepts. At the Sonderhoff FILTECH stand, the mobile will be loaded with sections by using a rotary indexing desk. The loading and doing work positions alter 180 levels in a cycle of 1.5 seconds.

With proportions of 1200 x 1700 x 2400 mm, the Clever-M requires minimal floor room. The 3-axis linear robot of the dispensing mobile moves elements in a vacation vary of up to 500 x 600 mm (width x depth) and up to a greatest part height of 250 mm. In element radii an acceleration of up to 5 m / s² is possible.


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