AXEON Introduces RO Water Purification for Tap Water


Tap drinking water is a common primary drinking water resource for homes and industries alike, and it’s hardly ever ideal for consuming or industrial use.  The process of reverse osmosis (RO) allows drinking water purification units to just take drinking water from a pure resource and transform it into clean, risk-free drinking water with a range of utilizes. RO drinking water purification units are normally used in industrial environments to develop exceptional hygienic problems for fragile manufacturing procedures. They are also of large benefit for household and commercial environments seeking for the greatest doable faucet drinking water.

Why Pick RO for Tap Water?

If your property or business depends on faucet drinking water as a primary drinking water resource, then based on variables such as drinking water therapy and geography, your drinking water might not be ideal for business or property use. Dependent on the locality, faucet drinking water normally has a assortment of contaminants, which can involve:

Chlorine and chloramine
Perchlorate, PFOA, and PFOS
Direct and other major metals
Atrazine and other pesticides
Pathogens (microbes, parasites, viruses)

Working with a reverse osmosis drinking water filtration technique can aid decrease the incidence of these and other contaminants. Crossflow membrane filtration removes little particulates and dissolved salts by a pressurized feed stream, which runs parallel to the surface area of the membrane. When the stream passes by the membrane, it leaves guiding any particles that were being way too significant to pass by the membrane, and the continuous drinking water stream assists sweep away these particles to keep the technique doing the job effortlessly and devoid of interruption.

When membranes can eliminate the the greater part of the contaminants located in faucet drinking water, it’s critical to pre-take care of your technique periodically for residual no cost chlorine. Most membranes can tolerate chlorine exposure in the small-term, but continuous exposure devoid of therapy or upkeep can impact the lifetime of the membrane. You can also choose to chemically take care of your drinking water to bind and eliminate chlorine in advance of it passes by the RO membrane.

The reverse osmosis membrane removes all dissolved salts and molecules that have a increased molecular bodyweight than 100, and can achieve up to 99 % rejection of dissolved salts. This effects in purified drinking water which is no cost of the common contaminants located straight out of the faucet. The increased the drinking water permeability, and the reduce the salt permeability, the better the general functionality of the technique is, yielding better-excellent faucet drinking water.


This type of filtration is ideal for treating faucet drinking water for a range of utilizes, like property use, foods planning, hydroponics, pharmaceuticals, and much more. No solitary filtration series is “one size matches all,” so it’s critical to tailor the filtration solution to the software.

Ionic Trade: For ultrapure drinking water, research and laboratory environments can use reverse osmosis as the initial phase of treating faucet drinking water. This removes significant particulate issue that could clog the IX technique, successfully extending the lifetime of the IX technique and reducing its operating expense.
Home Use: Very low-capacity RO units can deliver drinkable faucet drinking water straight from the faucet, ideal for consuming or cooking.
Meals Planning: Light-weight commercial RO units give expense-successful pure drinking water for cooking, brewing drinks, and much more.
Large Ability Industrial: Pharmaceutical and agricultural clients can count on RO for purifying drinking water in substantial quantities, up to 190,000 gallons for every day.

AXEON provides a broad assortment of RO drinking water purification units for faucet drinking water use, just about every suited for its personal established of apps.  Their assortment features:

CRO – Sequence

The CRO – Sequence from Axeon is the premiere faucet drinking water filtration technique for property use. With a capacity of 50 gallons for every day (GPD), the CRO – Sequence provides users pristine consuming drinking water specifically from the faucet. It makes use of a proprietary membrane and a 5-phase filtration process to deliver superb-tasting drinking water for the spouse and children.

L1 – Sequence

The Axeon L1 – Sequence RO technique is best for light commercial clients. It provides a expense-successful solution for faucet drinking water used in foods planning, the brewing of espresso and tea, detailing, hydroponics, misting, and much more. It arrives absolutely assembled. You just mount it to the wall and link it to the utilities. It functions a 200-300 GPD capacity and 2.5” membranes.

R1 – Sequence

With 4” membranes and a GPD capacity of up to 21,600, the R1 – Sequence from Axeon tends to make pure, clean faucet drinking water out there to commercial clients with escalating utilization calls for. With an ground breaking and expandable layout, it can develop with your needs. As with all Axeon goods, the part excellent in the R1 – Sequence is 2nd to none.

M1 – Sequence

The Axeon M1 – Sequence RO technique is engineered to develop lower expenses on electrical power and upkeep even though still delivering supreme functionality and superior recovery charges. This technique holds 4” membranes and has a capacity of 12,000 to 36,000 GPD. Showcasing a focus recycle loop, this technique is also upgradable with expanded functions.

X1 – Sequence

When your need for faucet drinking water and properly drinking water begins to exceed the limitations of conventional units, the X1 – Sequence by Axeon emerges as the exceptional possibility. For foods and beverage, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and several other users who have superior-volume drinking water necessities, the X1 – Sequence delivers a GPD capacity of 32,000 to 190,000. Uncomplicated to install and use, this technique is pre-plumbed and pre-wired with a pre-programmed computer controller. This is a convenient technique established to deliver the greatest excellent drinking water to users with unconventional volume necessities.

Not guaranteed what RO drinking water purification technique is greatest for your particular field? Test in with AXEON and we’ll aid you uncover the solution for your needs.

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