ALSYS features expertise in filtration and catalysis systems

ALSYS, a new team headquartered in France, offers expertise in filtration and catalysis systems.

Founding company CTI, headquartered in Salindres, France, was designed in 1990 and is recognized for advanced ceramics and catalytic elements. Considering that 2010 the firm has developed via many acquisitions:

2010: Orelis – membrane systems and filtration procedures for industrial liquids
2013: EnerCat (formerly recognized as IRMA) – catalytic formulations and advanced elements options
2016: ClearBakk – turnkey fluid administration and environmental options, from design and style and engineering to set up, commissioning and running
2017: CeraMem® (acquired from Veolia H2o Technologies) – membrane systems for the oil and fuel market.

With operations in Europe, North America and Asia, ALSYS has 150 staff and an yearly revenue of 30 million euros. The group is structured in three organization units – H2o & Membranes, Gas & Catalysis, and Specialty Supplies – and will provide the h2o, oil and gas, chemical, vitality and electrical power, fuel emissions control and foods and animal feed markets.




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